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uCloud Voice

uCloud VoIP telephone lines or SIP trunk lines

VoIP telephone lines or SIP trunks is the way of bringing your telephone lines to your premises via the internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With VoIP telephone lines you immediately save money with every phone call made and you keep your existing telephone number for both inbound and outbound calls. With the uCloud VoIP telephone lines you also don’t pay any monthly trunk line rental fees.

What is a cloud hosted PBX or VBX?

Unlike a traditional switchboard system installed on your premises, a cloud hosted Private Branch eXchange or Virtual Branch eXchange is a telephony server installed and hosted in a data centre. This allows ease of use and ensures top level security and high-quality communications for all extension users. With uCloud all you require is a reliable internet connection on any of the following: a smartphone, a laptop or a desktop SIP phone to allow you to work from anywhere – anytime and with all the features of an enterprise traditional PBX and much more.

uCloud Telephone Management System (TMS)

Telephone usage is the 3rd Largest Business Expense

uCloud Provides a simple and smart business solution that will: Easily identify cost savings , Monitor spend in real time, Improve your staff’s productivity, Help staff manage their personal use, Get e-mail alerts for misuse, Cloud based, access from anywhere, Automatic backups

uCloud Call Centre

UCloud provides software and services that improve performance from the contact centre solution to the enterprise solution. Our solutions enable our clients to consistently deliver legendary customer experiences by improving agent effectiveness, contact-centre and enterprise performance.

Top Features : Queues, Routing , Agents, Reporting and ACD Wallboards, STATS Features, ACD Features

Voice Recording

CallCabinet pioneered cloud-based compliance  recording today continues to shape the industry with innovative cloud-native recording and business intelligence software that keeps your business protected, no matter where your employees are. CallCabinet seamlessly delivers compliance call recording, analytics and automated QA for businesses of all sizes through our ground-breaking Atmos platform. Atmos fills every compliance gap for SMB’s, mid-market and global enterprises within the world’s most heavily regulated industries. Born in the cloud, Atmos deploys rapidly and seamlessly migrates new and legacy data

The benefits of porting your geographic telephone numbers to the uCloud platform.

A geographic telephone number is a fixed-line telephone number beginning with a geographically area code (e.g. 011 for Johannesburg, 012 for Pretoria, 021 for Cape Town etc.) Geographic telephone numbers generally associate your business to the area or location of operation and give your customers a sense that your business is established and trustworthy.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Unity Fire proudly offers the uCloud Call2Teams solution that effortlessly voice-enables Microsoft Teams. This world class service allows business users to make and receive calls from any device using the Microsoft Teams workspace. Call2Teams is very quick and easy to set up and configure. With Call2Teams, there is no hardware or software needed, making the interface to our uCloud SIP Telephone lines into Microsoft Teams straightforward. The uCloud Call2Teams allows businesses of all sizes to seamlessly integrate uCloud telephony with Microsoft Teams on a monthly subscription basis.

uCloud Mobile APP Basic features include

Deskphone systems can be extremely expensive systems to implement with costs rising to several thousand rands per seat and require continual maintenance. Softphones, in contrast, require no additional hardware and installation can be done in as little as a few minutes. Furthermore, the efficiency gains of a well implemented softphone system can produce some impressive ROIs. When switching to softphones, businesses can save up to 40%!


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