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A simple and easy backup, storage and recovery solution for your laptop, with up to 50GB capacity.

STORVAULT Metallic Laptop Foundation delivers proven data protection for your remote workforce. Built on industry-leading technology and powered by Microsoft Azure, Metallic ensures employee laptop and desktop data is protected, compliant, and recoverable from today’s threats. SIMPLY AND EASILY


Backup your servers and virtual machines to the cloud with limitless capacity.

STORVAULT Metallic Server Foundation is a powerful online backup and recovery service built on industry-leading technology and powered by Microsoft Azure. The service is suited to protect your business-critical data residing on servers or virtual machines, both on-premise and in the cloud. With the ease of SaaS and a broad range of supported operating systems, applications, and databases, you can be assured that your data is protected, compliant, and simple to recover when you need it.


Backup and recover data in your Microsoft® Office 365™ applications in the cloud.

A cloud-based, online backup and recovery service providing comprehensive data protection and recovery for Microsoft® Office 365™ applications, as well as for mission-critical collaboration tools in the Office 365 productivity suite, including Email, OneDrive and SharePoint


Store, share, edit and collaborate from anywhere by storing your data in the cloud.

StorVault FileSpace powered by LucidLink is a software-only cloud-native file service connecting StorVault’s cloud storage as if it were local disk. It is ideal for distributed workflows, remote teams that collaborate across common data sets, and companies that need to provide secure data access to files regardless of file size or where the data is stored.

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