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Video Surveillance

We offer IP and digital, Video Management Systems (VMS) that ensure comprehensive security event management with before, during, and after event video footage and analytics. React swiftly to potential threats with a clear picture of events, enabling proactive prevention of security breaches.

Access Control

Access control systems aim to reduce the risk of unauthorized entry into areas with people and assets. Safeguarding individuals, assets, and information should be a top priority for every CIO in today's landscape. Grid Zero can give you a quote based on your home and business needs.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is crucial for employee identification and enhances public and private safety by detecting potential criminals through video streams. Combining facial recognition with license plate recognition ensures the safety of streets and neighborhoods in any city or town.

License Plate Recognition

Implementing automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems effectively prevents illegal vehicles and potential criminals from accessing your premises, minimizing security incidents. ALPR automates license plate reading and identification, aiding security and law enforcement in locating and restricting unwanted vehicles.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection is an advanced external security system that detects intruders outside, preventing potential damage. With a wide range of products offering beam options and multiple frequency modulation channels, it generates timely alerts and ensures comprehensive security for protected perimeter areas.

Visitors Management

Track individuals and scheduled visitors on your premises using our integrated Visitors Management system. Combined with access control and video surveillance, it provides a comprehensive overview of guests and contractors. Our solution offers a fully comprehensive visitors management and access control/scanning solution.

Artificial Intelligence

AI algorithms fuel rapid advancements in security systems, enhancing Smart Security with features like line crossing, facial recognition, and license plate recognition. Integration with SOPs triggered by AI incidents reduces false alarms, expedites investigations, and enables proactive monitoring for easier event investigation.

Cloud Based Video Surveillance

Effortlessly link your new or existing cameras to the Cloud for optimal functionality. Our services handle bandwidth management, ensuring your control room staff only handle exceptions based on your business rules. Transform surveillance cameras into intelligent sources of information.

Cloud Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control is a secure and scalable system that governs user permissions for cloud-hosted resources. It provides authentication, authorization, and auditing functionalities, enhancing data security, compliance, and mitigating risks of unauthorized access attempts.

Cloud Based Artificial intelligence

Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) harnesses the potential of cloud computing for scalable and cost-effective AI applications and services. It encompasses machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, enabling businesses to leverage advanced AI technologies without significant infrastructure investments.